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If I’m understanding the difference correctly, the biggest difference seems to be that the most expensive plans cover plastic surgery? Does anybody know what this actually covers?

Hospital Británico | El Plan de Salud del Hospital Británico. Tu prepaga

Any thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations would be appreciated. The cost difference seems to be pretty significant. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

OSDE, for example, has 5 plans Here’s my summary of the differences in the OSDE plans. Do most of you recommend the more expensive plans or the basic ones? JK Check the handouts to see what the exact differences are, but more important then plastic surgery and dental implants cartilla osde 210, the higher price plans allow access to some of the more prestigious hospitals and clinics.


I have used the medical clinics for regular types of checkups and when I cartilla osde 210 ill and was very happy. I too have the and don’t plan on a heart attack any time soon.

‎OSDE Móvil on the App Store

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. There was even an OSDE care coordinator who cartil,a me twice a day to confirm that everything was OK and intervene if I needed anything more. I’ll have to read up on this. What jimumberger mentions however is really helpful. House calls, ambulances, a night in the emergency room with a dedicated team of specialists, radiology including an MRI, my hospital stay in a private room far better than I’ve cartila cartilla osde 210 in the US with a nurse dedicated to 4 such roomsthe surgery, triple IV antibiotics for several days – cartilla osde 210 were fully paid by OSDE.

Classic Plus

I have the basic Osdewhich is certainly fine for everyday stuff, but if you’re planning on having a heart attack or stroke you might perhaps opt cartilla osde 210 something more opulent! I also have OSDE which is cartlila by my work.


Cqrtilla cost odse between and isn’t great, but access to the Hospital Aleman, the Sanitorio de la Trinidad, and their equals adds real value. I know there have been some threads on this before but all the threads I’ve found were more about specific companies than plans.

I know of a colleague who has opted to pay the extra to have a higher cartilla osde 210 but cartilla osde 210 is due to coverage for eye specialists and such as he wears glasses and has poor eyesight.

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Saludos, David jkreisler said:. And perhaps I may consider paying the difference to up my plan to Forums New posts Search forums.