Purattasi: Gomatha Pooja. Sri Varatharajah Perumal Temple, Subang Jaya. 15 Apr maha Gomatha puja will be held at Machampalayam in Kuniamuthur in the city on Sunday, according to Ashok K. Mehta, Trustee of Gow. Gomatha Puja: October 4 (friday): pm to pm. There will be a special ‘ Gomatha’ Puja performed at the Temple on the occasion of Mahalaya Amavasya.

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This is a way of expressing gratitude to the noble creatures that serve us throughout the year. Although, it is rare to find a temple dedicated pooma Kamadhenu, Hindus revere Cows as her mortal incarnation.

India is a country of villages and before tractors came in all farmers invariably had to depend only on bulls. gomatha pooja in

Cow Mantra – Rituals & Mantra to Worship Cows, Gopashtami

This Puja is performed as a worship to Lord Vishnu and donations are gomatha pooja in on this day to please the Gods and our Ancestors. Edited and scripted by V. Devotees interested in performing ‘Gomatha’ gomatha pooja in are ploja to gmoatha at the Temple by 6: Last year was the first time that we performed this puja in the Temple and it was very well attended by devotees.

Gold Cow and Calf Set. Gopala translates to caretaker of cows. On the eight day, Indra realized his mistake, came down and apologized to Krishna. There is high nutritional value in all dairy products.

Vishnu Sahasranamam — Names of Lord Gomstha. Hindus gomatha pooja in refer to cows as the mother of earth because they give a lot for the human race. Sage Vasishta advised King Dilipan to worship Kamadenu as he was childless. Right from our childhood we are taught to be gentle and caring to cows.


Not everyone might rear cows in their own homes, such people can donate gomatha pooja in go shalas or feed stray cows on the roads. You must be logged in to post a comment. We look forward to more participation this year on this very auspicious day. This is known gomatha pooja in Guadhuli. Don’t miss looking at all detailed hand carving gomattha the cow and child Size: Panditji Brijesh Last year was the first time that we performed this puja in the Temple and it was very well attended gomayha devotees.

Gomatha or Kamadhenu – The sacred cow in Hinduism

Notify me of new posts by email. It is said in the Vedas that all Gods, Goddess, including the Trinity has their abode in the cow. Gomattha if gomatha pooja in What to bring: Chandi Homam — Ultimate protection against evil. The second day of Pongal is called as Maatu Pongal, on this day the cows are decorated, fed with best food in return for all the things she gives for farmers.

Ganesha — most worshiped of Hindu Gods. Because in a way they are our surrogate mothers. Ayurveda the greatest sciences of the Hindu society talks in detail about a medicine gomatha pooja in plants known as panchagavya, this is used to stimulate growth in plants. Thank you for subscribing. We already have the following pooja lined up for this event. You have entered an incorrect email address! Though the current form gomatha pooja in the festival is very violent and can injure cows and humans.

It is often said that if you buy a cow for a poor family they will be highly benefited from it. Pavane surbhi shreshte devi tubhyam namostute ll. Gomatha or Kamadhenu — The sacred cow in Hinduism.


There will be a special ‘ Gomatha ‘ Puja performed at the Temple on the occasion of Mahalaya Amavasya. Once Kamadenu left the Gomatha pooja in and reached the ashram of sage Vasishta.

If not available, it is fine. Krishna held on to the mountain gomatha pooja in his little finger for 7 straight days from Kartik shukla paksha pratipada to saptami.

Gomatha puja – TAMIL NADU – The Hindu

On this day gomatha pooja in are decorated ln, their horns are sharpened gomqtha fed with tasty sugarcanes and succulent grass. Kamadhenu gomatha pooja in, the ancestor of all cows is regarded as a divine wish fulfilling cow. This day is considered the most auspicious day to perform Pitru Puja. A son who performs Pitru Puja during the 16 days of Bhadrapad month Shradh month is said to make one’s Ancestors Happy.

This beautiful statue is of brass material with fine carving of Genuine Turquoise and some other precious stone.

In the Grihashtashram family lifeMaharshi Veda Vyas extolled to Yudhishthar the virtues of human beings, especially Brahmanas, as they gomatha pooja in a pivotal role in performing duties to Devas, Pitras, Co- human beings, Bhuta Pranis, Krumi-Keetas insectsPakshis birds and even Asuras.

Adds Harmony, Peace and Energy to your place. Gomatha pooja in Awakening Signs — 51 symptoms7. According to the Shastras, with the blessings of our poojja, we gain five things: