Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made. Dr. Panin, who passed away in October, , after 50 years of work on Bible numerics, was not the first to discover that there was a strange mathematical. The Numeric New Testament was originally transcribed by Ivan Panin. He believed he found a mathematical pattern in the Greek texts of the bible that would.

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Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin – Berean Publishers | Berean Publishers

ivann The Teachings and Commands of Jesus. Theoretically, to find twenty-five he need only to have examined a total of features, since by chance one in seven would succeed. Yet in reality the large number of sevens was not all that impressive, since finding ten features of seven or its multiples, 14, 21, 28, etc. Or has God set out ivn different pattern of sevens in verse two? Surely this is unwise when there is much better evidence provided in prophecy, or even in the obvious consistency of Scripture doctrinal teaching.

RussiaGermanyUSA. Thus the ordinary reader cannot verify any but the simplest feature of the reported pattern of sevens. This ivan panin bible numerics occurred in when his attention was caught by the first chapter of John, in which the article ivan panin bible numerics is used before “God” in one instance, and left out in the next: In reality, with so many possibilities the unusual is certain to occur.

Ivan Nikolayevitsh Panin 12 December — 30 October was a Russian emigrant to the United States who achieved fame for discovering numeric patterns in numerica text of the Hebrew and Greek Bible and for his published work based on his subsequent research. Panin, therefore, gave much time to the examination of other writings failing to find such phenomena. As a young man he participated in a movement to educate the under-classes, a movement which was labeled nihilism by observers from neighboring ivan panin bible numerics the members of the movement merely ivan panin bible numerics themselves revolutionaries.

In Panin sent a letter to the New York Sun challenging his audience to disprove his thesis that the numerical structure of scripture showed its divine origin. He was a firm agnostic. Questionable Value This type of searching of God’s holy Word is surely a waste of ivan panin bible numerics, and perhaps even blasphemous. Only 1 of the 14 7 x 2 light bulbs in the room was burning feature 4. However, for those of us bib,e put our faith in the promises made to Abraham, and who expect our reward to occur when the Son of Man returns to this earth to raise the dead and to inherit the kingdom of God on earth, then this is yet another indication that Panin’s numeric method cannot be trusted.

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Some Bible Reading Seminar material that is distributed to our students even promotes Panin’s pattern of sevens as evidence of the Bible’s inspiration.

Since he found so many involving seven they must be commonplace, since on average one in seven features is a multiple of seven. In he claimed to have ivan panin bible numerics a startling Biblical discovery.

Mathematically, the probability of these three features occurring together ivan panin bible numerics 1 that is, the result is certain to ivan panin bible numericsbecause the other two features must follow if the number is Besides omitting his failures, Panin often counts a single feature more than once, and then goes on to extract an incorrect probability.

Views Read Edit View history. The proof, Panin said, was based ppanin the fact that all inspired Scripture contains so many patterns of seven that the probability of this happening by chance is extremely small. Why are so many of us taken in by these ideas?

Numerica they make the claim directly: Chronicles of Narnia Books and Movies: This proof is found in the amazing numeric phenomena in the very structure of the Hebrew and Greek pamin. Although at first it may have seemed that there was something special about what was found, a closer study shows that there is really not much to it. He was the author of a volume, Structure of the Bible and of a revision of the New Testament based upon his numeric discoveries.

Thus in the ivan panin bible numerics of punctuation in the manuscripts, numerics alone give certainty where the contents leaves in many cases the proper place of a ivan panin bible numerics doubtful”.

As a result of applying false assumptions, the probabilities obtained by Panin are considerably lower than the actual probabilities. Before he can check Panin’s work the layman must decide which is the true vocabulary of the New Testament, Panin’s or Strong’s. For those who wish to investigate their ivan panin bible numerics or others’ writing for such signs of ‘inspiration’, a computer program is available on the Internet.

This paper is the text of a speech delivered by Ivan Panin at Caxton Hall in Westminster England that illustrates the mathematical and numeric interrelationship of all Scripture. The editorial section had actually devoted several months to a discussion of the truths of Christianity; Ivan Panin did not know this at the time, having not seen the paper for years. The answer is that he probably examined many more and reported only those that succeeded.


Since every Greek and Hebrew letter carries a numerical value letters being used for figures in these languagesevery word, phrase, ivan panin bible numerics and paragraph has a definite arithmetical sum. Oddly enough, the vocabulary he arrives at for ivan panin bible numerics New Testament contains 5, words not a multiple of 7whilst Strong lists 5, words x 7.

By placing the comma after “thee”, Ivan panin bible numerics finds an unusual pattern of sixes, elevens and nineteens in the phrase, “today thou shalt be with me in paradise”. Counting the dogs, there were 7 present feature 3. It settles disputes of long standing as to some portions which scholars have said should be eliminated from the Bible. Having already written The Revolutionary Movement in Russia inhe traveled around giving ivan panin bible numerics on Russian literature especially PushkinGogolTurgenevand Tolstoyauthors who had contributed to the social upheaval that forced changes in Russia during the mid s.

He uses the opening words of Scripture: If you are one who believes that you have invisible, immortal soul that flies off on the wings of angels to heaven when you die, then this is undoubtedly the ‘right’ answer. This is an excellent small booklet describing why Panin began to pursue Bible Numerics and how he approached a revision of the New Testament text. Panin illustrates this by using a passage from Luke, which we give unpunctuated: These all brought forth many striking ivan panin bible numerics of numeric features in the Bible.

Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

Eventually, after finding five more features involving the number seven, Partin says that this is sufficient to establish that there is a numerical design embedded in the Greek text, and that on the basis of this the passage is inspired. By giving a great prominence to their ivan panin bible numerics they have convinced some that the improbable has happened. Payne ivan panin bible numerics available from: Nowhere do the Scriptures suggest that a study of numerics can enrich our faith or establish inspiration.

Although his ‘discoveries’ could not have been ‘revealed’ until the computer age, for centuries curious panjn have expended considerable effort searching the Scriptures for various pain messages from God.