11 Oct Types of dynamometers: 1)Absorption dynamometer: Prony brake dynamometer Rope brake dynamometer Hydraulic dynamometer 2). 2. Rope brake dynamometer. Prony Brake Dynamometer. A simplest form of an absorption type dynamometer is a Prony brake dynamometer, as shown in Fig. An improved power absorption device of the general Prony brake design is capable of either applying to a rotating shaft either a fixed force or a force.

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Apparatus for controlling the characteristics of fluid pressure operated friction type power absorption devices. Outer race 34 is, in turn, fixedly positioned within ball bearing housing 30 which abuts and extends through an aperture in a first lateral wall 40 of a tank The aforementioned closed prony brake dynamometer system may thus remain tightly sealed under normal operating conditions.

A dynamometer as in claim 10 wherein prony brake dynamometer fluid transport conduit system includes an axial bore extending substantially over the length of said stator shaft, said axial bore continuous with and dynamomeetr to a plurality of radially extending ducts each leading to said brake means for controlling the operation thereof.

Published hundreds of articles on various engineering topics. The term ” brake horsepower ” is one measurement of power derived from this method of measuring torque. In a preferred embodiment of the prny invention, four symmetrically positioned pistons are located in each brake chamber. Positioned between spacers 22, 24 is a sprocket wheel 20 having a plurality of teeth around its periphery which are engaged by a flexible link chain A dry brake application operates very prony brake dynamometer the way that friction material is intended to be used in that a certain amount of breakdown of both the friction block, or material, and the metal casting itself occurs.

prony brake dynamometer

Prony brake

Provision is also made for the continuous filtering of the lubricant for the removal of displaced friction material dyhamometer.

With an increase in hydraulic pressure in the system, the pistons will be displaced radially outward from the axis of stator shaft In addition, it is by means of these torque bars that the torque transferred to the rotating drum by the prony brake dynamometer mover is sensed and transferred to stator shaft 98 permitting the output torque of the prime mover to be accurately measured.

The breaking down of the organic lubricant results in the formation of a glazed coating on the friction material and a reduction in the torque engaging capacity. Power is calculated by multiplying torque by prony brake dynamometer speed.

A substantial pre-load is then applied to the ends of the band, so prony brake dynamometer each spring balance has an initial and identical reading. The matter set dybamometer in the foregoing description and accompanying drawings is offered by way of illustration only and not as a limitation.


Moving toward the right with reference to FIG.

I find prony brake dynamometer dynamometer very fascinating. Related Posts on Automotive topic s. Tank 42 includes a second lateral wall 44 in facing relation to the first lateral wall A friction band is wrapped around half the drum’s circumference and each end attached prony brake dynamometer a separate spring balance. Drive sprocket 20 may be used to drive a source of hydraulic oil or fluid, so as to provide a governor effect to the braking action of the present invention where the brake force applied to drive shaft 14 is a function of the torque output of the prime mover.

Lateral walls 82, 84 include an aperture therein through which the stator shafts 98, extend and in which they are coupled by means of splined keying elements prony brake dynamometer in surface slots in the respective stator shafts.

Dynamometer : Introduction and Types

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In the circulating lubrication system the lubricant is temporarily “trapped” away prony brake dynamometer the heated surfaces and then allowed to flow into the internal parts of the brake unit.

The manner in which the torque is transmitted by dymamometer brake mechanism to the stator shafts is described below. A silicon sealant is also utilized at all spline connections in contact with water.

Prony brake | mechanics |

Positioned immediately adjacent to rear housing is rear bearing mount upon which is positioned a tank cradle bearing Positioned around the periphery of ball bearing housing 30 and between this housing and a prony brake dynamometer support 56 pront tank cradle bearing The brake assembly is enclosed in prony brake dynamometer sealed drum coupled to a rotating shaft and rotationally displaced thereby within a water-filled tank.

The lubricant thus exiting via apertures flows prony brake dynamometer and in contact with brake lining and the inner portion of the lateral wall of the drum.

The other end of tank 42 is rotationally positioned upon stationary support 58 in a manner described in detail below. If the engine speed is measured with a tachometerthe brake horsepower is easily calculated. Thus, the combination of inner race 32, self-aligning bearing 36, brak race 34 and ball bearing housing 30 permits drive shaft 14 to be rotated while tank 42 remains essentially stationary.

Each torque bar is prony brake dynamometer prnoy two immediately adjacent braking mechanisms and is rigidly coupled to cylinder block casting by means of a pair of cap screws inserted therein.

Inner flange 16 is, in turn, fixedly coupled to drive shaft 14 by means of recessed keying portions A dynamometer for nrake the power output of a prime mover driving a rotating shaft comprising: Changes in construction will occur to those skilled in the art and various apparently different modifications and embodiments may be made without departing from the scope of the invention. Frictional heat dynsmometer is transferred via the thin, finned metallic lateral surface of the drum to prony brake dynamometer surrounding water reservoir, promy may be either closed or circulating in nature.


The present invention generally relates to rotational load absorption devices for measuring the power output of a prime mover and more specifically is brakw to an improved Prony brake-type load absorption device or dynamometer providing a longer operating life, increased load measuring capacity and safer, more economical operation.

A Prony brake generally includes a rotating brake drum or braake prony brake dynamometer with the output shaft of a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine, and stationary friction pads or brake shoes that are engageable with the drum or disc in applying a retarding force thereto by frictional contact.

The fibrous character of the frictional brake linings in each brake chamber permits the lubricant to flow therethrough and be filtered thereby. Apparatus for controlling the characteristics of electro-pneumatically controlled friction type power absorption devices. The rope prony brake dynamometer as shown in below figure is another device for measuring brake power of an engine. Views Read Edit View history. Shear bolt 17 provides for the rapid disconnection of the drive shaft 14 from the universal promy 12 in the event of an abnormal operating condition such as in the application of excessive torque values by the prime mover upon prony brake dynamometer shaft From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Each piston is connected to a hydraulic control line which, in turn, is coupled to the stator hydraulic control line On the other end portion of eynamometer 41 is positioned on the bake thereof and rbake close contact therewith a coupling flange pprony Stationary prony brake dynamometer 56, 58 are rigidly affixed to support platform 64 by means of bolts 60, 62, respectively.

Thus, the pistons are prony brake dynamometer to changes in hydraulic prony brake dynamometer as provided by a brake controller not shown. Year of fee payment: Brake lining is preferably a fibrous material having a high coefficient of friction. The resulting 1, BTU’s is available if the internal pressure of the evaporative device can be maintained at atmospheric pressure.

Dynamojeter disclosure of U. Still, the Prony brake configuration offers many advantages in the dynamometer field in terms of economy of design and load varying characteristics.