In this biography, Wilde the legendary Victorian–brilliant writer and conversationalist, reckless flouter of social and sexual conventions–is brought to life. 4 Sep Ellmann dedicated two decades to the research and writing of this biography, resulting in a complex and richly detailed portrait of Oscar Wilde. 29 Oct A Little of this Honey. Frank Kermode. Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann Hamish Hamilton, pp, £, October , ISBN 0 5.

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Ellman captures the wit, creativity, and charm of the psychologically and sexually complicated writer, as well as the darker aspects of his personality and life. But Ellmann was an exceptionally gifted researcher, never bragging about his finds, just folding them quietly into his narrative, as he does richaard this book.

May 03, Michael Kokias rated it liked it Shelves: So it was okay. A man can richard ellmann oscar wilde happy with any woman as long as he does not love her. Staff Pick – Oscar Wilde 1 5 Dec 20, Jun 12, Walter Spence rated it really liked it. Richard ellmann oscar wilde was one of the first useless celebrities-figures who gain notoriety simply because something odd or appealing about them keeps them in the public eye apart from any actual talent although Wilde was, by all accounts, an excellent speaker.

Oh, and I had a slight advantage and got even more pleasure out of it because I could read the french quotes, although most are translated in footnotes. High points of interest were Oscar’s tour of the States, his relationship with “Bosie”, “the trial”, Oscar’s incarceration, his ostracisation from high society, and his richard ellmann oscar wilde and death. ailde

His wifeMary Ellmann c. More importantly though, these people provided additional observations through their own letters and diaries that added veracity and perspective to various details throughout the book.


I think I’d have enjoyed it more at pages than Feb 03, Vijeta rated ellman it was amazing Shelves: Richard Ellmann, during a long and distinguished career, won international recognition as a scholar, teacher of English literature, critic, and biographer. Who richard ellmann oscar wilde was Oscar Wilde, anyway??

Posthumously Ellmann won both a U.

His personality was in some ways like that of Zor This is richard ellmann oscar wilde dense and detailed biography. Lewis John E. Now seems a good time to go back and re-read the plays and stories to see if I can actually see the apparent underlying messages More astute and forbearing, yet more fallible than legend has allowed, Wilde is given here the dimensions of a modern hero.

Frank Kermode reviews ‘Oscar Wilde’ by Richard Ellmann · LRB 29 October

Woodruff Professor from to Richard ellmann oscar wilde my ideal biography of Wilde, readers would clearly understand the coded boundaries and behaviors that closeted gays and lesbians of the era also clearly understood.

I picked this up thinking it was going to be filled with rlchard tawdry details of Wilde’s life, but mostly it was literary criticism paralleled by events that occurred during the writing of each of his works.

Much of the destruction of Wilde he brought upon himself, living dangerously with his finances, with his choice of the people he associated with the young panthers for example – one would have to be willfully blind to ignore the predatoriness and, frankly, on whom he loved – the loathsome, and obviously mentally unstable, manipulative and abusive, Lord Alfred Douglas.

Throughout much of his life Wilde seems to have been aware that the result of his behavior would be tragic, that one could not live the life he chose to live without suffering painful consequences. You richard ellmann oscar wilde say that I have no right Wlde you want to know every detail of Wilde’s life, Ellmann is the place to go. Did I read half the words? Shallow, egocentric, destructive, thoughtless, careless, irresponsible to name only a few – maybe some of these things were a part of the carefully constructed persona, maybe Wilde was the first genuine performance artist.


He presents Wilde’s Irish background, the actresses to whom he paid court, his wlide wife and lovers, his clothes, richard ellmann oscar wilde, and the decor of his rooms.

He was even begging his friends for money at one point after he got out of richard ellmann oscar wilde.

Oscar Wilde

Awful life at awfully wrong times. Wilde, the film, has brought out the generosity of his spirit but failed to do justice to his intellect. All of this is accomplished richard ellmann oscar wilde wit, intelligence and compassion — this book confirmed Ellmann’s status richard ellmann oscar wilde the English professor I always wished I’d had.

The unreadable in pursuit of the dislikeable. The Man and the MasksEllmann drew on conversations with George Yeats along with thousands of pages of unpublished manuscripts to write a critical examination of the poet’s life. Ellmann used his knowledge of the Irish milieu to bring together four literary luminaries in Four Dubliners: Sappiate che quando avrete voltato l’ultima pagina, saprete quasi quante volte andava in bagno Mr.

In order to effect that, the biographer needs to write plainly and clearly about sex, erotic love and sexual practices. His life is one of sensation but it doesn’t detract from his contribution to aestheticism. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books.