VDI (Society of German Engineers) submitted a new version for pressure release of dust explosions in November which will replace the June edition. The VDI Guideline “Pressure Release of Dust Explosions ” published in. June [l] describes one of the possible constructional protective measures. 1 Apr Does anyone have the english version of VDI standard and / or the NFPA I would compare the results of two calculations Tks in.

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The advent of vdi 3673 gas control systems means that in many cases explosion relief vdi 3673 not now vdi 3673 to combustion plant. Provision of ventilation, where plant vdi 3673 within buildings, to reduce the concentration of gas or vapour to a safe value; Construction of plant so as to prevent gas or vapour escaping, forming explosive mixtures with air and reaching ignition sources; Removal or protection of ignition sources, especially electrical sources References For further information on the relevant British Standardsplease access the British Standards web site and use the search facility.

If products show properties that indicate they can explode in the solid phase i. Various testing strategies and experimental methods are commonly available for determination of thermal decomposition hazards.

Dust may be grouped into dust explosion classes as determined using standard test apparatus. Explosion vent panels and doors are considered vdi 3673 autonomous protective systems within the meaning of the ATEX equipment regulations.

Hazards from exothermic reactions occur in the event of thermal runaway of the reaction mixture in which the rate of generation of heat is greater than vdi 3673 available cooling capacity of the system. Many different equations have been published, each with a restricted range of applicability, and plants will be found which have used all these design equations.

Vdi 3673 hazards should be identified and documented, with subsequent evidence vdi 3673 implementation of control measures. Pressure relief needs to take into account the nature of the reaction mixture involved, e.


VDI-Standard: VDI 3673 Blatt 1

In assessing the risks from an explosion, Operators should consider flame propagation, pressure effects, recoil forces and the materials that would be released. Code of practice for fire precautions in the chemical and allied industries, British Standards Institution. Useful while there is little European guidance on venting for gas explosions.

Gives specific advice, but with a tendency to ignore all non German vdi 3673 of research data and guidance. vdi 3673

Historically, explosion relief has been used as a mitigation measure in three main types of plant: Safety requirements, British Standards Institution. Explosions are rapid events and consequently:. Health and Safety Vdi 3673. Operators vdi 3673 to draw a clear distinction between vddi relief designed to protect against an explosion, and relief designed to protect plant from some other cause of overpressure.

Vri relief This Technical Measures Document refers to the explosion relief measures that can be adopted in plant design to ensure safe operation.

Explosion relief

The operator should have shown due consideration of these hazards and taken appropriate measures to provide pressure relief. Protective devices have to work very rapidly; Much larger sizes of vent panels or doors are needed in order to work successfully and Duct work downstream from the relief 36773 needs careful design to avoid throttling the flow and preventing the relief acting fast vdi 3673 Historically, explosion relief has been used as a mitigation measure in three main types of plant: Paragraphs 60 to 87 discuss explosion relief vdi 3673 plant vdi 3673 and layout.

This is acceptable, and much of the advice is contained in the other sources quoted. HSE aims vd reduce work-related death, injury and ill health.

Pressure release of dust explosions | VDI

Explosion relief from buildings HSE’s traditional advice for buildings storing flammable liquids has been to ask for a vdi 3673 vdj, which will act as explosion relief if a vapour cloud ignited within the building, and this has not changed as a result of DSEAR. This hierarchy relates to intentional or unintentional releases, but the precautions to prevent an explosion inside the process vdi 3673 are not the same.


This remains the case.

Hazards that merit consideration include: This provides many cross-references to other sources of information, but some of these are obsolete, and the whole vdi 3673 is about to be rewritten.

Also some brief video clips of explosion experiments. More recently, work within CEN has produced a rationalisation and simplification of the design equations recommended, and this standard should be adopted when it becomes available. It may also be provided on buildings, which contain plant that gives rise to risk of a rapid and substantial release of gas inside the building. A dust explosion involving a non-toxic dust like polyethylene would not result in a vdi 3673 accident as defined in the regulations, vdi 3673 it also led to loss of containment of a COMAH substance.

Influential and widely used. However, it is worth noting that even finely vdi 3673 solids vdi 3673 significantly less easily dispersed than are gases and volatile liquids – with shorter hazard ranges as a result.

Explosive relief

Substitution of combustible materials; Control of concentration, e. When unstable vdi 3673 are in use, the operator should demonstrate that at the research stage of vdi 3673 product a systematic approach to the identification of hazards relating to the nature of the materials has been followed.

Some equipment suppliers use the German VDI guide as a basis for the design of explosion relief vents. Basic input data required is the vdi 3673 of the process equipment, the equipment volume, KST and P max figures for the dust itself, and the opening pressure of the vent panel or door.

HSE’s traditional advice for buildings storing flammable liquids has been to ask for a lightweight roof, vdi 3673 will act as explosion relief if a vapour cloud ignited within the building, vdi 3673 this has not changed as a result of DSEAR.