Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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All these matters indeed entered into it, but the simpler interpretation was dominant. William seabrook the magic island only light flickered upward on their faces from small candles arranged as a geometric pentagram on the cowhide. Only the jungle mountains remained, dark, mysterious; and from their slopes came presently far across the water the steady boom of Voodoo drums.

He delighted in doing personal things to please us.

William Seabrook

He was William Buehler Seabrooka reporter and Lost Generation writer claiming the minor distinction of having written the first celebrity rehab tell-all and it was his book, The Magic Islanda sensationalized account of william seabrook the magic island voodoo-mad travels throughout Haiti, that first ushered our beloved un-dead bugaboo, the zombie, onto American shores.

Let re- ligion have its bloody sacrifices, yes, even human sacrifices, if thus our souls may be kept alive.

As he arose and beckoned me to kneel at last before the altar, there was absolute silence. Holly they have been for many years a rich field for scholarly and esoteric research.

William Seabrook – Wikipedia

Some- times when islahd thought we needed him he was as tranquilly drunk as an opium-smoking Chinaman or william seabrook the magic island chasing the moon, but at moments when we least expected anything he william seabrook the magic island appear with a great armful of roses for Katie or a basket for me of some queer fruit not seen in the markets.

The last three were reasonably efficient, as servants, doing generally what they were told ; but Louis, who never did what he was told, was nevertheless in actual fact, putting quite aside his fantastic power of holding our affection, the most effi- cient servant of them all. While the IMDb says only: But in the case of unbelievers they sometimes make use of appall- ingly pragmatic methods to instill faith.


Polynice was a Haitian farmer, but he was no common jungle peasant.

Damballa and Ayida, behold the deed we have done as william seabrook the magic island com- manded. There was complete candor and confidence between us. H is desk is cluttered with the latest medical jour- nals; his laboratory and operating-room are scientifically magc there are few abler physicians, black or white, in the West Indies.

Cover to The Magic Island by William Seabrook, 1938

His pleas were whim- pering, simple, yet full of terrified emotion. Now he played a melody which I sfabrook often william seabrook the magic island country people singing or whistling as they worked, and which I was to know later as the invocation to Legba.

He was trying to make me see it.

Zandor, know your own people. He served us, in the intervals of his sobriety, with a passionate and all-consuming zeal. So there was william seabrook the magic island additional element beyond anything that could be connected with credulity, superstition, or a belief in supernormal agencies that caused in me this knowledge that Voodoo magic was pragmatically effective, whether for good or evil; that caused me to believe william seabrook the magic island a definite sense that this bright, protective charm which they were engaged in preparing for me now constituted a real and actual pro- i tection.

But Sewbrook sat still and motioned Despine to do the same. And now the literary-traditional white stranger who spied from hiding in the forest, had such a one lurked near by, would have seen all the wildest tales of Voodoo fiction justified: It’s difficult for me to say whether I willia the book or not because of Seabrook’s attitude toward black Haitians.

I cared not if I never wrote a book. It was night time.

Maman Celie interfered angrily. All this was panoramic as they lay at anchor, but as night fell, it faded to vagueness and disappeared. Meanwhile Maman Celie and Papa Theodore had been called. They followed her to the market square, before the church where hundreds of little thatched, open shelters, used on week days for buying and selling, were empty of trade, but crowded here william seabrook the magic island there by gossiping groups in the grateful shade.


Leo Katz, sunken in william seabrook the magic island portrait painting, had limned her as a saint, and might as easily have made her a sibyl or a she- devil, but the social herd in Port-au-Prince, as at home, found her more often strange than surpassingly lovely.

This section does not cite any sources. Retrieved 22 February Baskets of gingerbread, biscuit, and dried fish, a cook-pot simmering over the embers, indicated they were making a night of it. Her sweet black face, like that of an old prophetess, was deeply wrinkled, but her thinness and straightness, her vitality, made her seem sometimes curiously young. Holly, who has the largest practice of any negro doctor in the Haitian capital. Papa Legba, ouvri barriere pour li passer!

Claire and the peacock. Oui le ou filer ou cou z eclai! And then more solemnly, be- cause they william seabrook the magic island still a little frightened, they intoned the formal ritual chant: On a peak behind the Cape loomed the gigantic fortress which the self-crowned black king Christophe had built after every soldier of that white imperial army was william seabrook the magic island or had sailed back to France.

She whimpered and sobbed, hugging Louis, as old mothers do, but not excessively. The book covers a long trip to Haiti by Mr. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Even so, I fear it is going to be difficult to make you understand Louis, unless you have read sym- pathetically the lives of the less reputable saints and have also lived in a tropical country like Haiti.

The Trebuchet: Celebrating Seabrook: “The Magic Island”

She had beauty, yes, but not of a flagrant kind. It takes a day to go and a day to return. It has been a islahd of all gods from immemorial days.